Are you a spiritual seeker? I am!

Well this is a first time blog for me.  And I just wanted the world to know about my spiritual progress, on an on-going basis, with the insights that I have gained in my 49+ years.

I have always been interested in spiritual stuff. I remember waaay back in grade school, reading books about self hypnosis and other interesting stuff.

Then, in High school, I met the love of my life, Manuella, who’s family was very psychic. She taught me about going into trance, as she would do it for fun. She saw all sorts of spiritual entities, usually faces, usually emotional. Intense sadness, or joy. She saw Jesus once or twice. Very troubling, though, she described seeing demons once in a while.

What did they look like? Very ugly, frightening. They wanted to frighten, so would grab your attention, and try to hold it for as long as possible. Imagine a gargoyle appearing 8 inches away from your face, and you get the idea.

Now her father used to astral project for fun, too, and travel around the world at night. Until one morning, Manuella’s mom woke up beside a total stranger in her husbands body. Different mannerisms, voice, attitudes. It lasted for a week, then the father wrestled back his body. He also stopped astral projecting…for good reason!

Anyway, i broke up with my sweetheart for stupid reasons, and married another girl. Still miss her. First love is probably the sweetest.

My interest waned for a while. My wife, who sees spirit everywhere, has no interest in it at all.  Attended church, taught Sunday school, until two things happened.

First, I was on a church finance committee. And I started to see the shenanigans that goes on with church finances. It was very disillusioning to me.  I understand now more about the nature of evil, which I hope to go into with these blogs. But at the time, seeing the jealous anger in a ministers eyes when talking about another church…it really put me off. In hindsight, I should not have been so surprised, as many men are deceived, but boy oh boy, it was shocking to witness.

After that, I had a vision in which a street person came to the church. This minister, instead of giving a sermon, decided to do a meditation instead. The street person called out “where is the sermon? I paid my money, I wanna hear one. Instead, he was escorted out the door by this minister.

It was so real, I think it happened. To this day, I am not sure.

You see, this church was doing some really questionable things (at least questionable to me) in terms of finances, in order to ensure the wages of the minister and staff.  To give you an idea, probably less than 5% of the income raised went to any type of charity rather than wages or property.

To be honest, I sat in pews for about 10 years without feeling a single spiritual thing. Nothing. Now perhaps it was lack of sensitivity, or training, or leadership. But it was hard to swallow this lack while seeing the jealous evil in his eyes.

So, I decided to leave this church. I felt around a bit, but nobody else really cared. They liked the status quo. And really, if you get paid for attending church, of course you are going to like it.  The real test is keeping the faith when you are not benefiting from it.

Rather than causing all kinds of crap, and tearing the church apart, potentially, or at the very least becoming a “downer” in the place, I left.

It is a traumatic thing leaving a church. It kind of sours you, makes you cynical. So, after licking my wounds a bit, I started going to a group about paranormal stuff.  I loved it. People talking about and investigating cool stuff, like ghosts, psychic stuff, etc.

This led to the next big step, Spiritualism.


Thanks for reading!


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